Audrey Hollander

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  • Birthday: November 04, 1979
  • Country: United States
  • Date In: 2003
  • Place of Birth: Alexandria
  • Profession: Pornstar
  • Province: VA - Virginia

What i think about her: Audrey Hollander is when they were both in Florida a redheaded pornstar who married adult manufacturer Otto Bauer. Attending faculty she graduated with a degree in education. The chance meeting with Bauer occurred while she was on a vacation in the year 2000. They returned to his home in New York where he worked to produce adult films under the alias name Eric Jeter , after they spent a week in Florida. He suggested she agreed and they should film a few scenes of themselves, so that's precisely what they did. Once they had a couple dozen scenes they distributed them so they made the move to Los Angeles where her profession would really blossom and they got a response. It was tough on them equally although the couple decided both to continue working in porn films. For her it was difficult to accept at first that her husband was fucking another girl. Audrey had to remind myself that they weren't making love, they were simply fucking for the camera. A couple of years into her career she was given the opportunity to direct along with him and that union created the"Otto and Audrey Destroy the World" string of titles. Many of her scenes have sex in them and she's got a reputation as an queen for this. In interviews, she has allegedly said in fact that she can't even recall any scenes where she didn't have anal intercourse! Ms. Hollander has won several industry awards including Best Anal Sex Scene, Most Outrageous Sex Scene and also the coveted Female Performer of the Year title for 2006. Audrey Hollander has thus far appeared in over 435 titles and is active as of 2014. Her official Twitter webpage has tens of thousands of followers and explicit and additional pictures are posted by her there. She and husband Otto divorced in 2012 and also have gone into their directions. Fans of this hot redhead trust that she continues getting her ass fucked deep and hard on film and love her unconditionally. She'll continue to offer you all of the great scenes and they'll add.

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