Avy Scott

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  • Birthday: November 02, 1981
  • Country: United States
  • Date In: 2001
  • Place of Birth: Tampa
  • Profession: Pornstar
  • Province: FL - Florida

What i think about her: Avy Scott is a pornstar slut that has successfully navigated the biz out of 20 year old cocksucker into MILF sexpert. She has been fucking in films for about 15 years, and does not show any signs of quitting. Avy is blessed to have a mother who was happy that her sexy daughter has become successful in the porn biz. When she realized how much money she could make as a cam slut scott is a slut who was in school for psychology and business, but dropped out. Soon she had been shooting at hardcore porn films and hasn't looked back. She has directed a few porn movies! Avy is a woman who has also beed an agent for a clothing business.

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